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Twinings: The Gateway Tea

Twinings English Breakfast blend was the first tea I loved. I think I was about ten, and it was winter. I came inside from playing in the snow, and I wanted something hot to drink. We had run out of hot chocolate, so my parents gave me a cup of tea with cream and sugar. The tea was hot, slightly sweet, and creamy. I was hooked.

First tea, then coffee. It’s a (delicious) slippery slope.

I drank that tea every day for a week. After a little while, I started drinking other black teas and came to the startling realization that tea has a flavor independent of milk and sugar. Lapsang souchong was the first tea that I preferred to drink black, and it wasn’t long before I was drinking every kind of tea I could get my hands on.

Soon, I started collecting teas. Buying tea became an exciting highlight of trips to the grocery store. At the point when I was realized drinking more than a gallon of tea every day, I decided I might have a problem, and made myself cut back to a more reasonable amount.

Not only do I really really love tea, but I also love talking about it. Most of my friends don’t love tea the way I do, and are not interested in hearing my stories about different kinds of tea, about how awesome tea is, or about how I tried that one tea that one time that I really loved. So! For the sake of everyone’s sanity I’m going to share those stories here instead, where you can choose to read them, or not, as you wish.

I hope you enjoy my writing, and if you want to know about a particular tea-related topic, or a particular type of tea, leave a comment or send me a message!