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Keep Calm and Drink Lavender Tea

I have no idea whether The Little Book of Calm contains as much lavender as rumor would suggest, however, I will say that lavender tea is one of my favorite things. Regardless of any calming properties that lavender might possess, I was nothing short of ecstatic when I discovered the lavender sencha in the tea section at Wegman’s.

Wegman's lavender sencha tea
It smells just as delicious as it looks.

Lavender tea is delicious. Lavender combined with sencha’s grassy green tea flavor and a mild caffeine kick is pure heaven. If you haven’t tried this, I highly recommend it!

Alternatively, you can try picking up some sencha and mixing your own lavender tea. I don’t think I’m qualified to prescribe the best ratio of lavender to green tea, but I can say that I’ve seen dried lavender (and other flowers) on sale at Ten Ren’s Tea Time and other tea shops for those of you who want to try making your own floral blends.